Today’s question is “What are you trusting God for?”

How big is YOUR GOD? Do you still have him in the Sunday box?

Let me know your thoughts and let’s all pray for one another to have FAITH that God is still answering prayers.

One thought on “Today’s question: Trusting God

  1. Dear Pattie and friends:
    I think blogging is a great way to stay in touch and encourage one another especially on those “off” days. I feel God is huge in my life.
    I have to admit that during some dark and difficult times He was always there for me and through faith He led me to an amazing Godly man whom I love and respect and am now married to.
    His timing is perfect. I'd encourage anyone who is going through a tough time to keep their eyes and ears focused on Jesus and trust Him to guide you to take the higher road and wait on Him. Stay in prayer constantly praising Him and in due time you will be blessed beyond measure. He knows the beginning to the end and He has a good plan for those who love and trust Him.
    Blessings and grace,
    Barbara Wood

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