Ever feel like you aren’t sure what God is trying to say to you? Maybe it’s a decision about a job, a relationship, or perhaps a restless spirit that wakes you up in the middle of the night and you’re not sure why.

Four simple steps I use to hear God’s still small voice.
1. Get quiet – turn off the tv, radio, ipod, step away from the internet, get a good night’s rest, clear the thoughts out of my mind, meditate
2. Get centered – take a step back from my emotions, calm my mind and body, make time to journal my thoughts and feelings;listen to some praise and worship music, sing to refocus on God and His might power
3. Listen – read God’s word, talk to other mature Christians
4. Wait – God is faithful to reveal what He is trying to say.You will know without a doubt when you have heard from God. Your spirit will calm down instantly and you will know what to do.

What do you do to hear what God is trying to say to you? Drop me a note and let me know how you have learned to hear from God. He is always speaking so have faith. We are the ones who need to learn to listen. James 1:19 says “Be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” This week let’s apply this verse and see the difference it makes.

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