It’s saturday afternoon, and I have finally settled myself enough to sit down and write. Tea cup in hand, I gaze out my window as the first snow of the year softly covers the rooftops and trees with cottony white flakes. Despite all the hustle and bustle and frenzy as Christmas and the end of the year approach, there is a quiet peacefulness and joy in my heart.

The snow reminds me of several things. First, to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Second, that although there is much sin, pain, and filth in the world, God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness can cover it all. And lastly, the snow reminds me of how God sees me because of Jesus – pure, white, and beloved. As the old hymn goes, “The blood of Jesus washed me white as snow.”

Today, no matter what your circumstances, let your hearts be filled with peace and joy. Let’s make a choice to follow Jesus by accepting God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace in our lives and then let’s be Jesus to someone today. Joy to the world – the Lord has come!

2 thoughts on “The First Snow

  1. That first snow was beautiful, wasn't it?
    We were putting up the Christmas Tree and I was struck several times at how beautiful it was outside.

    Isn't amazing how someone like me, with all the sin which spills out of my heart, can be viewed as clean and as white as snow.
    This is truly a miracle.

    I believe many people – even Christian Believers – do not realize what our Lord has done for us. Like the snow, it was beautiful.

    God is good.

    Bill W.

  2. Billy,
    I just read your comment. That was so sweet of you to express your amazement of the beautiful creation which our Lord has blessed us with.
    Something as simple as snow which we all take for granted and sometimes complain about is a gift from God to behold it's beauty. I remember while we were putting up our tree between those two living room windows how you commented on the snow's beauty. I loved your metaphor of the sin in our heart being wiped clean and white as snow by God when we are just to confess it. Thankfully, He is faithful to cleanse us….something we don't deserve.
    Thank you God for sending your son to save us.

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