At this time of year, many people are especially lonely. Perhaps you may have lost a loved one recently or maybe you are single and don’t have a special someone to spend time with during the holidays or maybe you are going through some tough times in your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

Well, let me encourage you by saying you are never alone. Jesus is your friend and He is always with you. In fact we could never have a better friend than Jesus. He is always there to talk to, always understands us, loves us unconditionally and gives us peace. Scripture says He sticks by us closer than a brother. What more can you ask for in a friend?

I know what you’re thinking. “Well, Jesus is not here in a real person.” Wrong again. Jesus is a person. He is alive in each of us who have accepted him as our Lord and Savior.

So when you’re feeling lonely this holiday season, remember that Jesus lives in you and be at peace. And then pick up the phone and call someone else who may be just as lonely and plan to get together. You will be blessed and bring a blessing into their life and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Let me know your thoughts and comments and have a wonderful, joyful day!

One thought on “Are you Lonesome tonight?

  1. Pattie,
    Thank you for taking the time to write and encourage your friends and family. Yes, there are many who feel lonely and melancholy, especially during the holiday season. I have several friends who are struggling with these feelings. I agree that we should take the time to give them a quick call and get together with them even for a early morning coffee if that's all you can fit in. Have them join you for dinner and be specific when giving your offer. Time, date and place.
    You'll never know how much it will lift their spirits and set the upbeat tone for the entire day to know you care.
    This is the very least our God expects of us.
    To regard others as more important than ourselves.
    We just get so “busy” with totally unimportant things that have no lasting value.
    Relationships are of utmost value in the eyes of Jesus. He tells us WHATEVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF THESE, YOU DO IT UNTO ME.
    Prayerfully, I'll be taking my own advice as well.
    God bless you today and always,

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