God continues to amaze me with how He works in my life. Recently, I have been questioning whether I am not hearing from God correctly or missing what He is trying to say to me. But an episode a few days ago gave me back some of my much-needed confidence.

Having taken a walk to the nearby Town Centre near my house, I had overdone the activity for being recently hospitalized. Exhausted and carrying several shopping bags I bemoaned the fact that I needed to walk back up the hill to my home, carrying my load of purchases.

“Sit down on the bench and wait.” I heard my inner voice tell me; that inner voice is otherwise known as God in my book. So I plopped myself down on the bench and called my youngest son to see if he was in the area by any chance and could give me a lift. No luck.

While talking to him, a stunning burgundy car pulled up in front of me. As I commented on the nice vehicle to my son,the man behind the wheel waived to me. Taking a closer look, I saw it was my next door neighbor, Dave. Excitedly, I jumped up from the bench, and headed to the car.
“Need a lift?” Dave asked.
“I sure do! What a blessing you are! God told me to sit here and wait, and here you are!”
“Who?” Dave said.
I smiled to myself as I settled into the warm car with all my grocery bags.
We chatted about his car and soon arrived at our apartment complex. We both lived on the 5th floor and the hallways are very long.
“Need some help carrying those bags?” Dave asked. Normally, I would have declined, but being weakened by a recent illness, I was quick to comply. “I’ll leave them by your door,” Dave said.
Wow, Lord, you are so awesome. Thank you for sending Dave to give me a ride. I guess I must be listening to you after all.

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