Today is the first day of Lent and many will decide whether to forgo television,chocolate,pizza or whatever. Denying ourself things is certainly admirable.

Then there are those who may want to consider giving up a bad habit such as drinking, smoking, gossiping, busyness, or overeating. These, too, are admirable and bring us closer to who we really are.

Think of those brave men and women dying across the globe fighting for our freedom, risking their very lives in such far away places as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. What are they giving up?

Now let’s think of what Jesus gave up for us. He gave up more than just human pleasures and I don’t think He had any bad habits. He gave the ultimate sacrifice – His blood and His life for us.

This Lenten season I plan to give up myself: to give more of myself to the Lord, more time in prayer and solitude, more time meditating on His Word. That doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun this season, it just means to put a priority on something different for a time. The rewards of seeking the Lord are great and He promises to reveal himself to us when we seek Him. “He who seeks my face shall find me.”

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