To me, living well means enjoying the present moment, seizing the day, and living life to its fullest. Being open to whatever presents itself, good or bad and responding in a loving and compassionate way to myself and others.

Living well also means being content in the present moment.
But being content isn’t something that comes to us naturally, is it? The tendency of the human mind is to keep seeking, desiring, wanting something more.

If we want to be content, we need to train our minds to be content. It’s a process. As the Apostle Paul said “I have learned to be content.” (Phil. 4:11).

What do I need to do to be content today? Examine my thoughts, my desires, and my expectations. Be grateful for all the good things in my life and focus on those. Put things in perspective. If yesterday was a tough day, let it go, and remember today is a new day. Appreciate the beauty in me and around me instead of focusing on the negative. Think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, and lovely. Meditate on these things, as Paul suggests in Phil.4:8.

Being content is a state of mind and a choice we make day by day.

Let me know what you think and ways you have found to live a life of contentment.

Till the next time when we talk more about living well,
Enjoy your day!

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