Are things going the way you would like them to go in your life? Some things may be going just great, but then, there are those other areas that might not be so smooth.

I have noticed that when the Lord is trying to tell me something, I usually get the same uncomfortable feeling in various situations in my life. “Hmmm, this feels familiar,” I find myself saying and it causes me to pause and reflect. Lately, the Lord has been working on my speech. Believe it or not, there is great power in the words we speak.

For instance, yesterday my son was telling me how he didn’t get much done in his internship search last week. “Well, why not?” I immediately queried. The minute the words were out of my mouth, I realized I had said the wrong thing. Was that kind? Was it encouraging? Was it necessary? No, no, and no. If the answer to any of these questions is no, it is best not to even speak the words. There I was – treading on God’s territory – again.

As my son courageously set his boundary with me on the question, I uttered a pathetic excuse. “But I was only trying to understand you.” But really, I was reacting out of fear, right?

When will I learn? So a new post-it goes up in my house. Whenever I am trying to retrain myself in a certain area, I post a sticky note to remind me. It’s a simple trick that is very effective.

Today is a new day. God’s mercies are new every day and thankfully my son has learned to let go of things. He has so much to teach me and I thought I was the one teaching him 🙂

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