Sometimes we see people and situations in a certain way that keeps us stuck, unhappy, and unable to move forward in our lives. We are too emotionally enmeshed; perhaps with our children, our partner, or our parents.

I have found it helpful in these cases to talk to other people and get a different perspective. Our perspective is only that – “our” perspective. It is not necessarily the reality of the situation because we see people and situations through our own experiences, hurts, and fears and this can blind us to what is really going on.

Sometimes what I think is the loving thing to do, is not really the loving thing to do. Sometimes I have to employ “tough love”. Sometimes I have to detach for a while. Sometimes I have to “let go and let God”. It is all part of realizing that I am still growing and still have a lot to learn in this life. If I am open to talking to others, I can receive new input that helps me process things in a better and healthier way.

What is it that you need to take a different perspective on? A clue might be what situation or person in your life is causing you grief and anxiety. Try a different perspective and be at peace.

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