Did you watch the women’s finals of the French Open this morning? Quite a tennis match. The favorite to win was Samantha Stosur, from Australia, who beat out the likes of Serena Williams and Justine Henin, both champions in the sport, to make it to the finals. Samantha had a strong forehand and serve and at the start of the game was thought by many to be able to take out her opponent, Francesa Schiavone, from Italy, easily.

Stosur , calm, composed and showing little emotion, quite a contrast to Schiavione who exhibited both passion and emotion on the court. As the match progressed, the crowds cheered the underdog. Italian supporters displayed their motto “Nothing is Impossible” on black tee shirts. Schiavone held her own and eventually pulled ahead to win the game, saying she played with heart.

Now that is faith in action, folks. Believing you can do the impossible under insurmountable odds and circumstances. Knowing that God is on your side and pulling for you. Giving it your all, your best, and never giving up. What is it in your life that seems impossible? Perhaps you have a loved one who has strayed from the fold, or the finances have gone south and you are in debt. Maybe it’s a health issue or a relationship. Whatever is facing you today, stand firm and fight the good fight. And remember that with God, nothing is impossible.

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