Have you seen or read the newly popular book out by Elizabeth Gilbert, entitled Eat Pray Love? It’s a simple title, but it encompasses the basic human needs we all have.

I picked up a copy at the library last week. It is the true story of a married woman whose husband is ready to have children. She decides she no longer wants to be married, divorces her husband and packs up to travel for a year: to Italy to enjoy the pleasures of food and language and forget about her weight, to India to pray and connect with God, and finally, to Bali,Indonesia to find love.

As I read the book, it struck me how we are all on our own journey; to find out who we are and what we really want out of life. Isn’t it true we all have these same basic desires- pleasure and enjoyment of the good things in life, finding and connecting with God, and finally true love?

Each of us is on our own path and we all go about it in different ways. I know my life has taken quite a few detours. But I am still searching. I won’t give up in my quest to find true love here on earth. I enjoy the pleasures of life and I make time to regularly connect with God. But in the end, I want to be remembered for being a loving person. Today, who can you reach out to in love? Ultimately, isn’t loving each other the highest commandment of all?

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