As I sit here working from home, the sun is shining and it’s a hot summer day. All of the sudden it seems the clouds move in, the skies darken, and then the storm begins – wind, thunder, torrential downpour. Just that quickly. Five or ten minutes later it’s all over and the sun is out again. Then another burst of stormy weather and so it goes throughout the day.

Isn’t that how life can be sometimes? We’re going along on our merry way and Boom! Out of nowhere comes a storm: something that gets our attention and perhaps even causes us to fear or be anxious, something we didn’t see coming.

How do we react when the storm comes? Do we get anxious and fearful, worry and stew or do we pray and trust God?

I’ve lived long enough to realize that storms come and go in my life. Some are short and some are long. If I begin to feel anxious, I lift up a prayer. Phil 4:6 instructs us not to be anxious but to pray about everything and I have found that indeed this works. I have learned that God is faithful. I ‘ve learned that when I need to take action, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later or mull about it for even a day. Anything that steals my peace and clouds my mind needs to be dealt with promptly.

Are you ready for the next storm in your life? Prepare yourself by memorizing scripture. Know that God allows all things for His purposes and glory. Do what you have to do and then look for the sunshine that is sure to follow.

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