I can feel a slight coolness to the air as the slow speed of summer gears up to the frantic frenzy of fall. A new season approaches and the plethora of activities and commitments beckon for my time and energy. I remind myself that life is a school. What am I supposed to learn this fall? How am I supposed to grow and where should I focus my energies?

Before I succumb to the many choices that come my way, I will spend time reconfirming my priorities and values. I value a balanced life: a life of peace and service to others, but above all I must maintain my health and well-being. I must learn to leave room for margin in my life if I am to make it in the long haul. Can I and will I lower the expectations I have for myself?

Am I alone in this struggle? I think not. From what I hear from others, many of us are already anxious, feeling the pressure of activity closing in on us. Let us not grow weary in this new season. There is a time for everything under the sun. It all hinges on making conscious, wise choices. Join me in making time to choose this season and let’s enjoy it together in peace and in balance.

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