Do you ever contemplate on the favor of God? I am constantly amazed at how much God loves us when I see Him in action, performing miraculous feats that I know are His handiwork.

For instance, this past weekend I was supposed to go to the beach with a large group of church friends. As we prepared, organized, and made arrangements, an ominous weather forecast developed – a hurricane was headed up the coast due to hit on the very day our group was headed into the beach area. Faithful group leaders extolled “full steam ahead” and I’m sure I was not the only one praying for the storm to not impact our trip. Upon arrival, all that remained of the storm were a few dark clouds and some wind. The sun soon appeared making for a lovely holiday weekend at the beach.

On sunday, I had my heart set on a delicious brunch at a local restaurant on the boardwalk. Church ran over, and I didn’t arrive until after the breakfast hours were over. Bravely I asked a server if I could still order breakfast. “Lord, please let them serve me” I prayed as I watched him check with the manager and the manager check with the kitchen. “Only one more” breakfast order I heard the manager say – and it was mine! As the server delivered my much anticipated breakfast meal, I could only praise God for his great favor towards me.

Now I don’t know how you see these things, but I choose to see God’s hand. The hurricane could have very well hit the beach and the entire weekend would have been a washout. The manager could have stuck by the rules and refused to serve me.

Have you seen evidence of God’s favor in your life? Have you asked for it? I’m positive you will see it and when you do, be sure to give God the glory and the thanks.

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