The topic has been the power of our words. I am working on correcting the non-helpful communication habits I have. Like asking questions and giving unsolicited advice. When will I learn? Questions don’t seem to really help when someone is going through a tough time. I think I am trying to understand them, but it doesn’t quite come across that way. Seems to me that they just want someone to listen to them. I think fully listening to someone is such a gift of love and respect. I know how good I feel when I am heard and understood.

Then there’s the giving of advice. I have managed to do it now indirectly, by saying something like “This is what I do…” but what works for one person may or may not work for someone else. My desire is to help the other person, but maybe they don’t want my help. Could it be that feels to them like I think they can’t handle their own problems? Maybe, just maybe.

So I guess I will have to resort to “Gee, I’m sorry you’re going through this” and “I’ll pray for you”. Anybody out there have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you on this.

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