Today I’d like to talk about the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts are extremely powerful, did you know that? Our thoughts have the ability to create as well as destroy, build up and tear down. How we think about ourselves is how we act.

Let me give you a personal example. I was overweight when I was growing up. My sister used to call me names and I used to always say “I’m so fat.” I’d snack and overeat and felt I was not in control of what I put in my mouth. I said that because I thought that.

Now, my mother doesn’t ever even recall me being fat for some odd reason, but I remember wearing long sweaters to cover my ample behind. Then I read somewhere about reprogramming my thinking about my weight. Instead of thinking “I am fat”, I replaced that with “I am thin.” Instead of thinking “I can’t control what I eat” I started thinking “I am in control of what I put in my mouth”. When the donuts and candy would show up at the office, I didn’t automatically shove one or two down my throat. I paused and asked myself “Is this really worth the calories? Do I really want to eat this?” The conscious choices I started making resulted in less guilt, and guess what – slowly I lost the weight. And it all started with a change in my thinking. Changing our thinking results in changing our behavior.

What thoughts have you accepted about yourself, dear one? That you’re fat? Ugly? Stupid? Unattractive to the opposite sex? These thoughts need to be reprogrammed and replaced with positive thoughts. Positive thinking generates confidence and confidence generates the power to change. Thoughts are powerful. Let’s harness that power and make that change!

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