So you’ve all probably heard of the best-selling book called “The Secret”, right? The premise of the book is that we can “attract” wonderful things into our lives merely by thinking about them. Thinking about them draws them to us; everything from riches, to good relationships, to good health.

Now there is something to thinking positive thoughts, and visualizing what you want in life. With that, I totally agree. I don’t want to burst your bubble if you read the book, however, there is a big BUT in this whole concept.

The BUT is God. We can think about something all we want, BUT if it’s not God’s will for us to have it, we aren’t going to get it. Period, end of story. I can dream of winning the lottery, making a million dollars or whatever, BUT God may have other plans for me. He only gives us what we can handle and some of us may not be ready to handle a million dollars 🙂 Spend, yes, but not handle it wisely.

The book has sold millions of copies world-wide. Do you believe in God’s will? Or are you in total control of your destiny? Drop me a note – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Until next time, stay positive and keep looking up

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