An interesting conversation happened the other day while I was biking on the trail near my house. This guy rides up next to me and starts talking. Turns out he was a Christian. We started talking about faith and he was telling me about how people in undeveloped countries are seeing miracles and healings. Now I believe that God is still in the miracle working business because I have seen many of them in my own life.

After listening to his stories for several minutes, I asked “Are you saying that if you have strong enough faith, you can heal anyone?”
“Yes,” he replied and pointed out a scripture in Matthew where it talks about praying in Jesus’ name.
“Yes, I agree there is power in using the name of Jesus, but what about God’s will?” The conversation went on and he continued to share stories about missionaries and healings.

Now, I don’t know what you believe, dear one, but the Bible is clear. There is always an IF-THEN connection. IF we are walking in God’s will and living a clean and righteous life, THEN we can pray and ask for things in Jesus’s name and our prayers may be answered IF it is in God’s will. Again, we will not receive everything we pray for because God is sovereign and He knows what is best for us AND the perfect timing if we are meant to receive it.

This conversation had me thinking. Lo and behold, my Dr. Stanley devotional for the next day was on this very topic. Amazing.

Hope this gets you to thinking, too. Are your prayers being answered? Do you pray in Jesus’ name? What kind of life are you living? Please write and give me your thoughts on this.

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