Parties to attend, parties to plan, gifts to buy, and places to go. This time of year demands so much more energy and activity. Yet, I have to ask myself the question “Who and what are really the most important?” and then make sure I have enough time and energy to focus on these people and things.

But how?

In this year of economic turmoil, there is a key word that I think applies to the holidays as well – downsize. For example, this year, I have resolved to buy less gifts for less people. In years past, I have spent a LOT of TIME thinking about what a particular person would like. I don’t just pick up any old thing, and it takes thought to come up with a good gift.

Another resolve is to say no to activities that either are not holiday related or have little meaning to me. It’s a tough thing to say no to friends, but if they don’t understand that is not my problem. The holidays are very special to me and if an activity is something that can be done some other time, then I put it off.

Thirdly, I resolve to spend even more time with the Lord. Listening, praying and reading His Word are even more important when the heat turns up. “Oh, I wish I had more time to study” or “I wish I knew more scripture” are common complaints I hear from others. Well, guess what? Being connected to the Lord is a choice we have the power to make on a daily basis. It means putting spending time with Him a priority over everything else. And guess what else? I find that when I do make the time to spend in His presence, everything else becomes crystal clear.

So, dear one, what choices and changes will you make this holiday season? I encourage you to say no to activities that hold no real meaning for you. Write me and let me know your ideas for staying peaceful during the holidays and in the meantime, be thankful for all!

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