“These are the best of times and the worst of times” Charles Dickens said in his book “Tale of Two Cities” years ago which still holds true today. People everywhere are in crisis: war, famine,poverty, abuse. I could go on. We are all struggling with our experience of life on this planet. If I focus on all the negative events, sicknesses (remember swine flu?)and economic crashes, surely I would crawl under the covers and never come out.

But God. I love that. But God.

This is Advent season; a time to focus, not on the dark and dreary days of December but on the light of the world that is to come: Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ Child and the gifts He represents.

This week the focus is on the gift of Hope.

Where do you get your hope from? Is it from this world? Your bank account? Or perhaps your significant other?

Sorry to inform you but all of these will disappoint. The only true hope we can have is in God. He is the source of Hope and He never disappoints. He is my light and my salvation. He is the lifter of my head. When all else fails, He never does and is always there for me even when others have fled.

Without hope, we will sink into despair, despondency, and disillusionment. I think hope is a choice we make in our attitude. I have seen so many tough situations turn around that I know that there is a God and He does care for us. It is up to us whether we are going to put our hope in Him or in ourselves once again.

This Advent season will you put your hope in God? Will you choose to think that things can improve? Let the Hope of the World fill you today. “With God, nothing is impossible.” Luke 1:37.

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