Would you consider yourself a loving person? Have you ever thought about what makes you a loving person? Have you thought about the ways in which you show love to others?

We’ve been talking about some of the ways people give and receive love: some by physical touch, others by gifts and there are more to be discussed. But when it comes down to the basic idea of love, where does it come from?

I think we learn about love. Our parents are the first examples of love that we see or don’t see. We learn a lot from them. We learn from our dating experiences – what works and what doesn’t. We learn from observing “happily married couples”. But I think the best person to learn about love is from God himself. We’ve all heard the phrase “God is love”, right? What does that mean to you?

To me, God is love means that if I observe how God expresses His love to me, that is how He wants me to love others. Now, I know this is a huge topic and I’m only going to touch the tip of the iceberg, but I think it is a topic worth contemplating. How do I see God loving me? Well, the best place to start is in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh; that’s why God sent Him – to show us His great love for us and to demonstrate how to love others.

At our core, aren’t we basically selfish? Don’t we naturally want to do what pleases us first? It takes effort to love someone else and to put their needs before our own, doesn’t it? Now, I’m not saying not to take care of yourself, by any stretch, but to truly love another person, we have to give of ourselves in a sacrificial way, don’t we? And that is exactly what Jesus did – He gave himself – his life -for us on the cross to show us how much God loves us. Now that is love in action.

So, today, dear one, my question for you is how do you love? Where did you learn to love and are there perhaps some things to learn about loving better? For practical suggestions, check out 1 Corinthians 13 which spells out several facets of being a truly loving person and Ephesians 5 which discusses how to love others.

Until next time, practice loving, for whatever you give out returns to you manyfold.

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