Do you like to give gifts? Do you like to receive gifts? If so, your love language may be giving gifts.

Gift giving does not have to be expensive. Little things like a bouquet of flowers, a mug of his/her favorite coffee, perhaps a card or a note. Little things on a regular basis can certainly put the spark back in your relationship.

Giving gifts shows we are thinking about the other person, we care about them, and we made the time to purchase something we think they would like. Note that I said “purchase something we think they would like.” Many people give gifts, but I have noticed that they are giving gifts THEY would LIKE. When purchasing a gift for someone, you really have to think about them as an individual – their tastes, their likes, their personality.

How often have you received a gift and thought “Why are they giving this to me?” A few years ago, someone gave me a green pin cushion as a birthday gift. I was perplexed. I don’t have a sewing machine and I thought, either a) they were regifting it or b) they had no idea what else to get me. If you know someone well enough to feel comfortable giving them a gift, don’t you have enough information to get them something they either like or could use?

If you are going to give a give, realize that it takes a bit of thought; that’s what makes it special. I know the expression “It’s the thought that counts” and that is true, but if you want your gift to be meaningful, it is important to make sure the recipient likes it.

Until next time, try giving your loved one a surprise gift and see their reaction. You may be tapping into a new source of closeness between the two of you!

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