Last night, I returned from a week’s vacation to the Caribbean. The pace of life slowed down tremendendously. No one was in a rush to do anything. The taxi lady kept us waiting 30 minutes while she waited for more passengers. The smoothie attendant wasn’t even at the stand for ten minutes and then casually sauntered up to her post. As my son put it, “They are on Caribbean time”.

My life here, however, is hectic and busy. It seems no matter how hard I try to slow down and simplify, the busyness of life creeps back up on me and before I know it activities, distractions and responsibilities overwhelm me.

What to do?

I think the answer is to be found by looking at Jesus once again. What did he do when the people crowded upon him, demanding healing, help, and clamoring for his attention? He departed to a place of solitude, usually early in the morning to spend time with the Father.

Time alone with God refreshes, restores, and renews my energy. The busier I am, the more time I need alone with God. I am able to clear my mind of all the clutter and noise and just be. I am able to focus and choose what is important.

Just as time with my sons is precious to me, God treasures the time His children spend with Him. Just as I delight in listening to my children, so He delights in listening to us. Look at Mary and Martha. What did Jesus say to Martha when Mary chose to sit at his feet while Martha fretted about everything that needed to be done? He said “Martha, Martha. You are worried and upset about many things, but Mary has chosen what is best.” (Luke 10:41-42).

Today will you choose to spend time with the Lord? What distractions are worrying you and making you upset? Let’s choose to be more like Mary and cast our cares on Him, for He cares for us.

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