Happy Easter and Resurrection, friends. What does Easter mean to you? To some, Easter is no big deal. To me, and to many of you who are interested in personal and spiritual growth, Easter has a huge meaning.

When I contemplate what Jesus overcame at the cross and the Resurrection, it fills me with hope. Because Jesus conquered the grave, I, too, can conquer those things that try to defeat me. Easter represents a chance for renewal, for casting off old habits and harmful behaviors, and being born again to new life.

This is the glory and the beauty of the Resurrection; that we who are believers in Jesus Christ, have the power thru His Holy Spirit dwelling within us to become new creations. I don’t have to succumb to my fears and weaknesses forever. I know that there is power accessible to me that can change, yea, transform me. I have seen it in myself and in my loved ones and it is truly a modern day miracle.

My prayer for you is that this Easter you will be renewed and transformed. May you be filled with power from On High to overcome that which holds you back from being all that you can be. Blessings and Joy to you all and glory be to God!

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