No expectations, no preferences, I trusted the Lord to handle this Mother’s Day. My youngest son, who is 25, had his wisdom teeth pulled this week and has been in tremendous pain. My oldest son is having his own issues, so no expectation there either.

After church, I received a text message from my youngest saying that he had gotten tickets for a horse buggy ride that we had tried to make last Mother’s Day. He had driven out early to stand in line to get tickets for the ride. Our ride time was 1:20 and the ticket said to be there by 1:15. It was a gorgeous day and I was so excited. We arrived promptly at 1:15 only to be told by the park ranger “You are late. Your ride left.”

Wow – what a bummer. Jon took charge and told the lady we’d appreciate whatever she could do to get us on the next ride, but the likelihood of there being room for 2 extra people was slim.

Seething, he said was seething inside, but you would have never known it from his demeanor. Then he hits me with the question “I don’t understand why when I did everything right, things still didn’t work out?”

Do you ever ponder that question? “Why, Lord, did this not work out?” My answer to him was “Sometimes other people’s poor decisions affect us.” My take on it was that the park ranger lady let the carriage go before the stated ticket time and we paid the price. Being a free event, there was not much we could do. Raising a fuss would only have stressed both of us out and resulted in bad feelings and lost energy. Another possibly less judgemental answer might have been “It was not meant to be.” Who of us can understand why some things just don’t work out?

I decided it was not going to ruin our day nor our visit, and signed up for the tour of the mansion. Jon enjoyed some solitude in the gardens. The moral of the story, I believe, is what Dale Carnegie said long ago, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

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