Speaking of simplifying life and letting go of stuff that no longer serves us, I have resolved, yes, once again, to let go of fretting over things that are out of my control.

For example, I live in a condominium complex which I love. However, there are rules being made which seem unfair to me. Now I could try to fight the system and expend a ton of energy arguing with these people, but where would that get me? Nowhere probably. I have decided to turn the situation over to God and pray for wisdom in how to handle it. The phrase “pick your battles” comes to mind.

At times I take things personally. Miguel de Ruiz, in his book, “The Four Agreements” talks about not taking things personally and he is so right. When I find myself starting to fret over some issue, I need to stop and ask myself the question “Am I taking this personally?” If the answer is yes, then I need to reframe the way I am looking at the situation and this helps me to find peace.

What are you fretting about today? Could you be taking something personally? Is it really? Is there another perspective? Have faith that God works all things out for our good. Bring more peace into your life by having more faith and let go of fretting. It is our choice!

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