Looks like the heat is on in Baltimore – and I don’t just mean the weather. Sure, we’ve had record breaking temps the past few weeks. It’s only early June and we’re already breaking the upper 90s. Whew! Thank God for air conditioning and swimming pools.

The longer I live, though, the more I think climate affects people’s moods. Really! Have you noticed people are grouchier, more irritable and less patient when the weather gets sticky and humid? I have.

Seems like the heat is on in more ways than one. Everyone around me seems to be complaining or unhappy about something. Wow. It’s like the enemy is pulling another one of his attacks on his people. I keep repeating to myself the phrase “this is a test, this is just a test” like they used to do in the old days on the radio stations. A bit of levity helps to lower the temperatures sometimes.

So what to do about all of this? One thing for sure is to keep prayed up. Make sure we put on the full armor of God (See Ephesians 6) every morning so we are prepared for the battle of the day. Secondly, remember that God loves you more than any person here on earth and that no matter what someone says or does, God still loves you. Thirdly, and I know this is really tough, try to deflect the arrows of venom. Don’t receive hurtful comments or behaviors. Use your shield of faith to protect you. Just because someone is having a hard time and takes it out on you, doesn’t mean you have to fall apart. Realize the battle for what it is – a spiritual battle and pray for the other person.

It’s all about keeping your peace and your joy. If all else fails, go take a dip in the pool to cool off 🙂

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