Life can be stressful, discouraging, even overwhelming at times, can’t it? The problems not only in our own private worlds but in the world at large can seem insurmountable. Many turn to external solutions to provide relief from the cares of this world: alcohol, drugs, pornography, over-activity, over-work, over-doing and over-indulging in many different things.

I would suggest that the key to coping with life is not to be found in the externals, but is internal. It is found inside each of us. We all have a power within us, you might call it, to enable us to cope with life.

What is that power?

It is the power of Faith.

Yes, Faith. Faith enables us to keep on keeping on, to not quit, to overcome. Faith gives us the strength to withstand trials and tribulations. Faith says “I can do it!” when everything and possibly everyone else around us says “Give up.”

Each of us has been given a measure of faith, says Romans 12:3. We have been given the faith that we need to deal with and handle the situations in our lives. But faith is like a muscle. It needs to be developed.

How will you cope with today’s trials, dear one? Do you have faith? If not, why not? If so, have you put it into use? Until next time, I encourage you to explore the concept of faith and as always, keep looking up!

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