Every now and then I notice my car veering off to one side of the road. Even though I want to go straight, my car is pulling in another direction. “Oh my, looks like it’s time for an alignment”, I think to myself.

In a similiar way, my life can get out of alignment. What I think, say, and do all need to be congruent; that is, in alignment. If one area is out of balance, my direction will be skewed. For example, say I want to be thinner or get my finances in order, but I continue to eat or spend too much then this area is out of balance, and my actions are not in alignment with what I want. Or maybe I desire a closer relationship with the Lord, but I am out every night of the week – not congruent.

There are so many distractions and activities that pull us in different directions and it is very easy to get side-tracked from where we really want to go or be in life. When I find myself feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s time to for a “front-end” alignment; time to check and see if my habits, choices, and activities all line up with my goals and values.

Where does faith come into the picture? Faith believes that God is guiding me and that when I spend time with Him, He will show me what’s really important, what needs to go and what changes I need to make. Then it’s up to me to cooperate and take action. So, friends, is it time for a “front-end alignment” in your life?

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