How do you feel about being by yourself? Do you always need someone or something making noise to keep you company? Do you realize that the Lord is always with you and that you are never really alone?

If I want to hear from my children or my spouse, I need to spend time with them; same goes for hearing from God. Spending time with the Lord means learning to love solitude – being alone with Him – no television, no radio, no computer.

The first step is to relax my body. Sometimes I go for a walk, run, or bike ride. No Ipod, music, or phone. Other times I need to simply slow down and be still. I recline in a comfortable chair or sofa and focus on my breathing or maybe do some slow stretches on my sticky mat.

Relaxing the body helps to relax the mind. As my body relaxes, slowly the clutter in my mind dissipates. Then I am prepared to hear from God. “I am listening and I want to hear from you” I say out loud. I have made space in my mind to hear from God.

Yes, this all takes some time and learning to be comfortable with solitude. Life is all about choices. If I want to hear from God, then I will make the choice to tune everything else out for a time. How much do you value hearing from God? I promise you that nothing on earth can compare to hearing directly from the Creator of this Universe.

I’ll talk more on this next time, so until then, keep looking up!

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