Do you pay attention to signs? Ever been to New York? There are signs everywhere. Or perhaps taken a road trip? Billboards, church boards, and street signs decorate the landscape and tell us what to buy, where to go, and when to cross.

What about other types of signs – like, for instance, natural disasters and rare occurrences? Take the earthquakes we’ve had this week: one in Colorado on Monday and then one in Virginia on tuesday. Now other parts of the country are used to earthquakes, but the east coast? It’s been over one hundred years since Virginia had one of this magnitude – 5.8 on the scale. I would say this is definitely a sign.

What actually happened to cause these quakes no one really knows, but we do know the foundations of this earth were shaken. What do these earthquakes and natural disasters tell us? I believe they are indeed signs of the end times and the meaning is clear. They are a wake-up call to pay attention and take a close look at the foundations of our lives.

What do we rely on foundationally? What are our core beliefs? In what do we place our faith and hope? What is truly important? Write and let me know your thoughts on this. In the meantime, have faith, be a blessing, and above all, keep looking up!

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