When God Ignores Us – Part 3

Ever feel like you’re being ignored? Like someone is not listening? Frustrating isn’t it? Very!
Sometimes I feel like nobody is listening to me: not my kids, not my friends, not my boss. Can you relate?

What about when I feel like God is ignoring me? Now that is the pits, for sure! I pray and seek and ask and knock, and it’s like my prayers are falling on deaf ears. What could be the problem?

Well, I hate to say this and this may be a strong pill to swallow, but usually, it’s not the other person and it’s definitely not God. It is usually us.

Ok, let me explain. When I feel like I am being ignored by someone down here on earth, it is usually because I am not communicating enough. There is some sort of blockage, disconnect if you will.

The same is true with our communication with our heavenly Father. What could be blocking our hearing from God? Let me give it to you in one word – unforgiveness.

Am I harboring unforgiveness towards someone? Now if we are honest and really dig deep, we can usually come up with at least one person we are angry at or have hostility towards, right? We are not to let the sun go down on our anger, and there is a good reason for that. Because harboring negative feelings and thoughts towards someone hinders our relationship with God.

Matthew 5 says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Who might you be angry with today, dear one? Is there anyone past or present that you might be holding a grudge toward? If you are having trouble hearing from God, I would encourage you to seek within and let go of any unforgiveness.Until next time, keep looking up!

When God Answers "Yes"

Most of us like the word “yes”, don’t we? I know I do. When someone asks me to do something I really want to do or I find something I really love, my immediate response is an emphatic “YES”! I am passionate about it. There is no hesitation, no doubt, no waffling.

A friend of mine was recently considering buying a certain car. As she relayed the pertinent facts, figures, and safety features, I noticed there was no enthusiasm in her voice. “You really don’t sound too excited about this car,” I verbalized. “Do you really want to buy it?” “No, I don’t think so,” she admitted. A few days later, she called me up all excited about another car she found and bought that one instead. She has been a happy camper ever since.

Here’s another example. Let’s take the shoe shopping experience. Shoe shopping is difficult at times. Either I can’t find my size, the right color, they cost too much or they don’t fit right. Bummer! And so frustrating. But when I finally find just the right pair of shoes, and they are comfy and even on sale, YES!!!!! I get so excited. It borders on euphoria at times.

That’s how it is when God tells us yes. God wants to bless His children. He is our heavenly Father and He wants to give us good gifts. If we are excited, enthusiastic, and filled with joy, that is a good sign.

Now hold on a minute. Sometimes we are excited at first because of the idea of something, so don’t go off rushing to buy that new Lexus without giving it some serious thought. What I am saying is that if we don’t have an enthusiasm and excitement about some issue, decision or person, the answer is probably not yes.

Let me know your thoughts on this or any other issue. I am listening. Listening to God is not hard once we get the knack of it and although I don’t have it down perfectly myself, I do think I am getting better at interpreting 🙂 Until next time, keep looking up!

When God Ignores Us – Part 2

Speaking of listening, many times people have a hard time hearing “no” from others. We want to hear the word “yes” don’t we? Most of us want what we want and we want it now. True? In fact, I read somewhere that a sales technique is to get the client to start asking questions they will agree with and that gets them in the mode of saying “yes” and therefore more likely to buy. Interesting, huh?

When it comes to hearing the word “no” from others, if we are mature, most of us can handle it without getting our feelings hurt. But how about when it is God who says “No”? How do we feel then?

Not so hot, is what I want to say in my flesh. When I have my mind set on something, I usually will do whatever it takes to get it. I am not a quitter. But my perspective changes when I listen to God and really choose to hear His still small voice instead of my own. “Is this really good for me?” “Is this God’s best for me?”

How do I know that God is saying “No”? Good question. There are clear signs. Some of which are such as strife, struggle, conflict, things just not working out, no sense of peace, closed doors, loss of blessing, losing sleep. If we pay attention we will hear the answer. We will know.

“No” is a hard answer to accept, isn’t it? We feel disappointed, hurt, and saddened. Sometimes we may doubt that God really loves us. But the truth of the matter is this: God loves us so much more than we could ever imagine. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. When God says “no” to us, it only means He has something better in mind for us. It is a way of protecting His children.

Take this example. I had made plans to go away for a long weekend to go biking, hiking and glory in the beauty of the fall foliage. Then comes the tornado watch and the rainstorms. Plans changed. My prayer was and is “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” The key is the attitude we have when we hear no from God. Do we pout and complain and act like babies or do we accept things and act like adults?

Sometimes we don’t understand why God says no at the moment, but it may become clear later on. Take heart and look on the bright side. Just as parents must often say no to their children for their good, so it is with God. He only wants the best for His children and that means sometimes He has to say no to us. It is all part of our journey to faith. Until next time, keep looking up!

When God Ignores Us – Part 1

Do you pray and wonder why God is silent? Do you ask for answers and hear nothing? Do you feel like God is ignoring you? I have and let me tell you-it is no fun.

I was telling a friend recently that God speaks very clearly to us. He wants us to understand what He is saying so his three answers are short and sweet: “YES”, “NO” and “WAIT”. Today we’ll talk about the third answer, which I think is the hardest one to accept – WAIT.

We all want an answer NOW, don’t we? We want to move on, move forward, move ahead. But God is not on our timeframe don’t ya know? Nope, He has eternity to wait for us and sometimes that is what it seems like to us, right? An eternity?

So, what could possibly be holding things up? Why would our Heavenly Father delay his blessings in our lives? Let’s put this in human terms for a sec. Why would a parent withhold something from their child say like getting their license or a new car? Because the parent is waiting till the child is ready for it, right? Kids need to learn responsibility, how to drive, how to be obey the laws and the limits of the road.

Same thing with God. He is waiting for us to learn some things. He is always teaching us something,even if we are not aware of it. The problem is we are slow-learners which is why we keep getting the same lesson over and over sometimes.

What is God trying to teach us? The same things we try to teach our children: patience, responsibility, obedience, and most of all He is trying to teach us to LISTEN. Yes, listen – to each other and to Him. How are you doing at listening these days? Are you spending time with the most important person in your life and are you really listening? How are you listening – with an open mind and heart?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on listening to God, answers you have heard, and even if you have a question I’m happy to try to answer it. Until next time, keep looking up!