Do you pray and wonder why God is silent? Do you ask for answers and hear nothing? Do you feel like God is ignoring you? I have and let me tell you-it is no fun.

I was telling a friend recently that God speaks very clearly to us. He wants us to understand what He is saying so his three answers are short and sweet: “YES”, “NO” and “WAIT”. Today we’ll talk about the third answer, which I think is the hardest one to accept – WAIT.

We all want an answer NOW, don’t we? We want to move on, move forward, move ahead. But God is not on our timeframe don’t ya know? Nope, He has eternity to wait for us and sometimes that is what it seems like to us, right? An eternity?

So, what could possibly be holding things up? Why would our Heavenly Father delay his blessings in our lives? Let’s put this in human terms for a sec. Why would a parent withhold something from their child say like getting their license or a new car? Because the parent is waiting till the child is ready for it, right? Kids need to learn responsibility, how to drive, how to be obey the laws and the limits of the road.

Same thing with God. He is waiting for us to learn some things. He is always teaching us something,even if we are not aware of it. The problem is we are slow-learners which is why we keep getting the same lesson over and over sometimes.

What is God trying to teach us? The same things we try to teach our children: patience, responsibility, obedience, and most of all He is trying to teach us to LISTEN. Yes, listen – to each other and to Him. How are you doing at listening these days? Are you spending time with the most important person in your life and are you really listening? How are you listening – with an open mind and heart?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on listening to God, answers you have heard, and even if you have a question I’m happy to try to answer it. Until next time, keep looking up!

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