It is November, my favorite month of the year. The bushes and trees are all dressed in their fall finery. I can see the vibrant hues of red, gold, and green from my window. When the rays of the morning sun fall on the earth, I am thankful for the glory and beauty God has created. Have you noticed lately?

I know this is also a very busy season of the year for most of us. The stores are all gearing up extra early it seems for Christmas. The local transit buses are displaying the “Happy Holidays” sign. All this activity lowers our immune systems. Many friends are coming down with colds, allergies, and unexplainable illnesses. On top of it all, most of us have to deal with end of year work-related stresses.

But, amidst the negatives and pressures of life, I make a conscious effort to focus on the positives and give thanks each and every morning when I first wake up. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude helps set the tone for my day. It helps me to handle the inconveniences and rudeness of people and situations.

Take today for example. I was walking up the hill carrying, as usual, too many heavy grocery bags. I prayed for someone to give me a ride up the hill and before I was a third of the way up, a neighbor on the opposite side of the road slowed to ask if I wanted a ride. Now, let me tell you how thankful I was for her! She made a U turn and pulled up beside me.

“Which entrance would you like to be dropped at?” she asked. Wow, talk about service. She was an angel blessing. The Lord certainly heard and answered my prayer. Now the reason I am sharing this story is to show you how much God really cares about all His children, and when we maintain an attitude of gratitude I think that is pleasing to Him. So, friends, this season, despite all the hustle and bustle, slow down to give thanks for the many blessings you have been given and then reach out and bless someone else!

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