Everybody likes the word “free”, don’t we? Especially during these tough economic times, a penny saved is a penny earned. Groupon is doing a booming business and coupon clipping is being taken on with renewed fervor. My family used to make fun of me for clipping coupons, but no more. The reality of saving and getting something for free has taken on a new importance here in America.

Speaking of saving and getting something for free, has it dawned on you that’s what God’s saving grace is – free? Grace is defined as ‘unmerited favor’ and that is exactly how the Lord treats us – with unmerited favor. The reality of this is fact is enormous.

When I stop to think about everything the Lord has brought me through in my life, I am utterly amazed. As a child of an alcoholic father, a single-parent, and a working woman, I have had my share of trials to overcome.

Just recently, I completed a huge project that took over four years to complete: the publishing of my first book. My two sons have both graduated from college and are working and independent. I have a great group of friends and have been healed of so many emotional and physical ailments, it’s almost unbelievable.

One of my favorite songs by Keith Urban is entitled “But For the Grace of God”. Talk about someone who has been through a lot. Keith sings his testimony, “Lord, I’d be lost, but for the grace of God.” Isn’t that where we’d all be? Lost?

So, dear friends, if you are struggling with the challenges of life, I encourage you to accept God’s free gift of grace and cast your eyes on Jesus. When we focus on the goodness and grace of God our problems have a way of getting smaller. When you think you can’t do it anymore, speak this verse out loud and I guarantee you will be strengthened and refreshed. “God’s grace is sufficient for me” (2 Cor 12:9). Until next time, keep looking up!

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