Has this ever happened to you? I was driving home today after a long weekend out of town and had my GPS all programmed to take me home. I must have been focusing on something besides the road signs, so when my GPS said “Take exit right” I did just that, not realizing that it was the wrong direction. “You’ve done this before. You have to pay attention to the signs” I thought to myself, the voice of judgement bearing down hard.

My GPS quickly recalculated – “Take exit right”. Then I saw the toll sign. “Bummer, I have to pay a toll for taking the wrong exit.” My aggravation level went up another notch. I passed through the toll booth. “Turn left” my GPS announced: no road sign, no green highway sign. Doubting, I honked at the car next to me to confirm the road. “Yes, this is correct. Do you have exact change?” – another toll and I hadn’t been on the road for more than a minute. As I paid the second toll, I knew I was to blame for not paying attention in the first place.

The reason I am relaying this story is because I realize I do this on the road of life as well. I don’t pay close enough attention and end up going in the wrong direction. Then I have to pay the toll. The sorry thing is I think I am going in the right direction and listening to the right voice. But I ignore the signs. And boy have I paid a price.

But the good news is, the wrong turn only took me a few miles out of the way. I quickly identified the error in judgement and immediately took action to go in the right direction. Yes, it only takes a minute to get off course. But with the Lord in the driver’s seat, we can get back in the right direction.

Which direction are you going in, dear one? Have you made a wrong turn in life? It is never too late to change direction. “This is the way, walk ye in it” says Isaiah 30:21. The Lord is always ready to show us the path of righteousness but it is up to us to take the steps to go in His direction!

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