Earlier this week, I talked about our daily habits and how they affect our goals. Well, one of my goals is to have a closer relationship with God. I have been re-reading the small above-named booklet about the conversations of Brother Lawrence, a Carmelite monk who lived in the 17th century. Brother Lawrence lived in continual communication with God, no matter what he was doing.

I have to admit I cannot say that. Granted, I am more “aware” of the presence of God when I am praying, reading the Word, or in church. But, I want to feel like I am in His presence continually.

One way is to speak to Him during the day. I have started the practice of speaking to the Lord the first thing when my eyes open in the morning. I wish him “Good morning” and then I usually chat about the weather, thank him for the sunshine, my health, and ask His plans for me that day. I also try to ask him “Who shall I bless today, Lord?” Then I try to follow up with some songs of praise and worship, time permitting.

Starting off the day by speaking to God puts me in a good frame of mind. It helps remind me that He is always with me, even though I may not “feel” his presence. In reality, it is I who drift from Him, and not vice versa. The distractions of the day, my job, and my emotions, all take my attention away from my Source.

So, if you, too, would like a deeper sense of God’s presence in your life, join me in this simple practice of beginning the first minutes of the day in conversation with the Most Holy One. Write and let me know if you notice a difference in your day. Until next time, keep looking up!

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