One of the signs of a good husband is how often he asks his wife if she needs to talk. He is showing he cares, he is concerned, and he is aware of her needs. He wants to preserve the lines of communication and the intimacy of the relationship.

Having an intimate relationship with God is akin to having an intimate relationship with a spouse or a close friend or relative in some ways. Both require attention, communication, and time to develop.

Prayer is one of the ways I can talk to God. Prayer can be silent or spoken. It helps me to maintain my awareness that God is always with me and that He is concerned about everything I am concerned about.

Scripture exhorts us to “pray unceasingly”. Now I don’t think that means every second of the day, only monks have the time to do that. But I do think we can pray MORE OFTEN. It is a practice just like almost everything else that brings rewards.

How often do you talk to God? Morning, bedtime, once a week at church? If you would like a more intimate relationship, then I would encourage you to spend more time communicating in prayer with the Lord. Talk to Him throughout your day either silently or aloud and then notice how you respond instead of react to the different stresses and challenges in your day.

Love to hear your thoughts on this topic and as always, keep looking up!

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