As I sit here watching yet another summer storm slow down the pace of life outside my window, it strikes me how patient God is with humanity and, in particular, with me.

I have been on vacation for the past 5 days and totally enjoyed myself. A complete sense of relaxation and joy pervaded my spirit the entire time. As I have done many times in the past when coming off of vacation, I vowed once again to savor the feeling of relaxation and to carry the unhurried pace into my daily life.

Yet it only took about 4 hours back at work when I noticed my speed. There I was rushing again: conference calls at work, the electrician arriving to fix my ceiling fan shimmy, calling the shop about the noisy exhaust system in my car. My to-do list is never-ending. The rain and thunder continue outside my window.

Such is life. The pace is not going to slow down is it? Neither will the storms of life. There will always be something. So I’m the one who has to change. It’s either slow down or wear myself out sooner than my Maker would like. Can you relate?

Summer storms may be inconvenient. Power outages are a huge disruption for sure. But perhaps there is a bright side. Do you think the Universe is trying to slow us all down so we don’t wear out?

Until next time, let’s all have patience with ourselves as we learn the lessons in the storms of life.

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