Ever make plans and then have them fall thru? Expect someone to show up and they’re a no-show? Bummer, huh? Well, it happened to me this past weekend but I took a different attitude and was amazed at how it all turned out.

I like to plan. I check out the fun things going on in the area and put them on my calendar in advance, so I will have something to look forward to. This weekend I was looking forward to seeing my current favorite band, NOMAD, at a local country dance joint. I had made plans with some friends a few weeks prior and we were all very excited when the weekend arrived.

It was fun getting all decked out in my texas wear, jeans, cowboy boots and glitz.
We arrived at the place in plenty of time to have dinner and sat down to look at the menu. Looking at a sheet of the upcoming events, I had a funny feeling.

“This says Amish Outlaws are playing tonight.” I felt something distressing in my spirit.
“I’ll ask the waitress,” my friend said. When the waitress came by my friend spoke up. “Who is the band tonight?”
“There is no band tonight,” the waitress replied. “There must have been a mixup. We have a DJ.”
I looked at my friend to see her reaction. She kept a happy face, bless her.
We decided to pray right then and there.
“Lord, you know how much we were looking forward to hearing this band. We trust that you will work this out for the best.” We decided that God must have something better in mind for us that evening and He certainly did.

After we ate, we went out to the dance floor to get a seat. An acquaintance of mine came over and invited us to join her group on the other side of the dance floor. It turned out there were several single men there who were excellent dancers.My friend and I danced the entire night. In fact, we were both worn out!

“I can’t wait to come back here,” my friend exclaimed, dewy with perspiration.
I smiled and was so glad.

The moral of the story is that even though something out of my control happened that could have put a damper on the entire evening, turning the situation over to the Lord and expecting Him to work it out for the best had amazing results. We refused to let disappointment ruin the evening and replaced it immediately with faith.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Drop me a note and share the experience. Expect the best and you might even get it! Until next time, keep looking up!

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