Are you excited about life? Do you face each day with enthusiasm and expectation? Or are you one of the millions who glumly go about their day, waiting for quitting time, to go home, have a beer and crash in front of the boob tube?

Now I’m all for relaxing, don’t get me wrong, but there is more to life than our mundane routines. Today I want to challenge you to put more zest into your life. How to do that, you may ask?

Challenge yourself. Yep, add a challenge to your life: something that will stretch you, grow you, motivate you to be better, learn a new skill, meet new people – basically, get out of your comfort zone.

Been listening to Brendon Burchard’s book on CD, entitled “The Charge” and he talks about how challenge is one of the 5 forward drives. When we take on a challenge, we push ourselves forward in life. Challenges energize us.

Some things I have taken on recently include learning how to write, creating and publishing my first book, learning new skills at work, and most recently, taking argentine tango lessons. I also love cooking up new dishes and visiting new restaurants. My home always has an aroma of some sort of new herb, fish, or baked goody.

What about you? What new thing have you done lately? If it’s been a while, not to worry. There’s no time like the present. I would love to hear what you’ve been up to and what has put zest back into your life. Write me back and share. Until next time, keep looking up and moving forward!

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