The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is three weeks from today. Are you wondering who’s coming to dinner at your house this year?

In years past, I must confess, I have fretted over many things like who was and wasn’t coming to dinner at Christmas, who was or wasn’t coming to church, did I buy enough gifts for everybody, will they like the food ya da ya da ya da. Woe is me.

This year I have decided to give all that to the Lord. I am not going to fret about any of those issues. Because you know what? They are all out of my control. All I can do is extend the invitation and trust that those who are meant to be together will be.

And you know what else? The most important guest in my house is someone I cannot even touch or see, but I can certainly feel. His name is Jesus. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and he brings his gifts of hope, peace, joy and love. If He is there, then I will be content. When I focus on Him, everything else melts away like the snow when the sun shines on it. My spirit is at peace and my heart is brimming with His great love for me.

What about you? Are you fretting over something this holiday season? Is it out of your control? Then I encourage you to give it to the Lord and let him take care of things. He knows what is best and while we may not understand his ways, we know that he is always working things out for our good.

Whoever comes to dinner this year, I know it will be joyous for we will be celebrating the greatest gift ever given: the Messiah, Emmanuel, God with us.

Until next time, keep the faith and keep looking up!

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