What makes you happy? Going on a nice vacation? Engaging in your favorite hobby, pastime, or sport? Being recognized at work? Sure these all might be enjoyable for the moment, but what I’m asking is what really makes you happy down deep inside? Ever think about that?

Sadly, many never stop to think about such things until disaster strikes and gets their attention. When we realize that everything we have worked so hard for could be wiped out in a matter of minutes, the light bulb goes on and we stop and think. Is my lifestyle really making me happy?

Here in Maryland we had two tornedo threats this past week. Now tornedos are not something we usually see in Maryland, so it was “an event”. As I watched the ominous dark clouds move like the pestilence over my house, I contemplated my life. Life as I know it could be taken out just like that except for the grace and mercy of God.

I came to the conclusion that what really makes me happy  is what I’m doing now – writing to encourage others. It is my way of giving back and contributing to the world. Now, I really do not know who is reading these posts, but if even one person is encouraged or moved to action, then it is worth my time and effort. It is my offering, so to speak. We all have something we can offer to the world.

Each of us has our own gifts. Some of them, like my writing, lie dormant for years, and then, suddenly appear. I never had a clue that I would be a writer and publish a book. By taking time to do some introspection, we gain insight into what we would really like to do, what goals we would like to achieve, and who we would like to become.

Becoming aware of our unique gifts and using them to help or serve others in some way, is perhaps the most fulfilling thing in life, wouldn’t you agree? There is a deep sense of connection, gratitude, and purpose. 

So again, I ask you – are you happy now? If not, what would make you truly and deeply happy? It might not be clear at first, but take some time to be quiet and the answers will come. They may not be what you expect, so be prepared and be brave. Following that inner voice takes courage and persistence.

Until next time, I wish you true happiness and as always, keep looking up!

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