Need a car? A job? A house or a spouse? Most of us spend a lot of time waiting for something, true?Waiting can be a test of our patience, but I think it has gotten a bad rap. As I share in my book, “The Power of Faith”, waiting on God is a key ingredient to receiving God’s best. Don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m holding out for.

Many of you know my God/car story #1; how, as a single parent, I waited for so many years for a new car and then, quite unexpectedly, my aunt offered to buy me one and it was the car of my dreams PLUS.

Well, now it’s time to share God/car story #2.

My youngest has been urging me to buy a new car for several years now.
“I’m not ready yet,” was my usual answer. This past January, however, I decided to start looking, just to see what was out there and what I liked. On a cold and blustery winter day, I boarded the light rail and headed downtown to the car show. To keep this short, I’ll spare you the details, for now, but I decided on three models I thought I was interested in.

Spring came and I decided to test drive the vehicles on the weekends. It was a fun but time-consuming experience. The salesmen were mostly nice except for the guy who thought I didn’t know what VW stood for 😦 But anyway. I had it down to two choices and was planning on waiting till next year to actually purchase.

But God. Don’t you love it when God steps in? I sure do. Two Saturdays ago, I was praying about how much to spend for the car and a figure came to mind. The plan for the day was to visit two other dealerships, and check out some models I had not originally considered.

As I sat at the salesman’s desk, the topic of my book came up.
“What is your book about?” he asked. Reaching into my purse, I pulled out a postcard with the book information and gave it to him. Eddie paused long and hard gazing at the postcard. He put it down on his desk and rolled up the sleeve on his shirt. Tattooed on his left forearm was one word.


Now I ask you – what are the chances of that? So then, he proceeds to present the pricing to me.
“What do you think?” he asked.
“Well, it’s late and I haven’t had lunch. I need to go home and think about it,” I replied.
Knowing I was about to walk out, he calls the manager over. Now, you know how that works, don’t you?

The manager looks me in the eye and says “If you buy this car today, I’ll give it to you for $X”.
Guess what? $X was the exact amount God had given me in prayer earlier that morning. I knew God was stepping in and telling me it was time to buy a car.

So, dear one, what is it that you have been waiting for? What has God been telling you? Stay in faith, keep in prayer, and listen for his answer. God is faithful and he is also very clear. Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Until next time, keep looking up!

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