Do you believe in coincidence? Two things happening at the same time purely by chance?

There have been several coincidences recently in my life and although my mom disagrees, I believe coincidences are divine appointments to connect us with our destiny. As I explain in my book, “The Power of Faith”, whether we choose to accept it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey. Whatever our belief system, we all need learn to have faith in ourselves, in others and ultimately, faith in Almighty God. He is orchestrating situations for our benefit, but we must open our spiritual eyes to “see” His hand at work.

When we start living in sync with God’s guidelines, things start falling into place, don’t they? I eat right, I lose weight and have more energy. I tithe, my debts and bills get paid off. I slow down and spend more time with God in prayer and meditation, and I gain clarity about what is truly important in life. It’s all about our attitudes towards things of this world. What is my attitude about food? Money? Busyness? Material possessions? Relationships?

One thing I’ve been working on is eliminating the negative things in my life so I can have more peace. It’s kind of like cleaning house in a way: decluttering the junk and only keeping what is valuable, beautiful and adds to my quality of life. I refuse to hold on to anything that doesn’t serve me or help me to move forward in life. It could be a relationship, a habit, a thought pattern, a job, or some material possession.

What I’ve noticed is that when I let go of something that is not bearing fruit, life offers up something so much better. When I am courageous and open to possibilities, God shows up in amazing ways. I’ve learned that God cannot be put in a box. He is so creative and He definitely thinks outside the box.

So what is it that you are holding on to today? What is holding you back from moving forward in your life? Is it your job? A relationship? Negative people? Yes, this is a process for sure, but, the steps to faith are not difficult to do. As I share in my book, the trials in life can be used as stepping stones to a better tomorrow.

Whatever you’re facing today, know that God can use it for your good and His glory. Let go of what is not fruitful, and watch what shows up in your life! Until next time, keep looking up!

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