What is it that you have been putting off? Starting that diet or exercise program? Sticking to that budget? Getting your business going? Finishing that degree? Joining a church or getting serious about your relationship with that special someone?

How many times have we said “Well, I’m not quite ready.”  Or, “Maybe next time.” Or how about “I’m going to pray about this for a while.” Sound familiar?

How many times have I missed out on tickets to a concert or event because I was still “thinking about it”? What have you missed out on because you were still “thinking about it”?

In my book, “The Power of Faith”, I talk about how God told me it was time to commit to my church. Previously, I had been going to different churches every few months or so, depending on what the sermon series was at the time. I was like a sponge and wanted to soak up as much as I could of God’s word and teaching so I’d venture from church to church around town.

But then one day I heard this:

It’s time to join the church.

“Lord, am I ready to join the church? What am I getting myself into?”

All sorts of doubts crept into my mind. I felt that my freedom was being taken away until it occurred to me that God just might want to use me at Trinity. And indeed He did. I started by becoming a greeter at the door. Then I moved on to being a small group leader at my house. Next I joined the devotional ministry. The possibilities were endless and I was learning all sorts of skills in the process.

But commitment takes confidence, doesn’t it? We need to feel a certain comfort level about whatever it is we are about to undertake. If we let those two pesky critters “Doubt” and “Fear” crawl into our minds, we will never commit. We imagine all sorts of negative outcomes. And that, my friends, is where Faith comes in.

I have found that having faith to commit to something new is kind of like Peter learning to walk on water. He had absolutely no skills whatsoever to do what Jesus was calling him to do, but what did Peter do? He stepped OUT OF THE BOAT! And He kept his eyes on Jesus, at least for a little while. The moment we take our eyes off Jesus and look at our own abilities, that is the moment we begin to sink.

What is it that God is calling you to do, dear one? Are you willing to STEP OUT OF THE BOAT?
When we step out of the boat into uncharted waters, God is the one who receives the glory. Get it?

I hope this post has encouraged you to take action in some area of your life. I’d love to hear what God is calling you to step out and do, so send me a note or post a comment.

Until next time, keep looking up! Ariel

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