When was the last time you looked in a mirror? This morning? In your car? Many of us spend lots of time in front of the mirror: primping, styling our hair, and making sure we look just right before we head out the door. Now I am all for looking your best, but how often do we consider the fact that inner beauty is so much more precious in the sight of God?

I think Michael Jackson realized this when he sang this powerful song.
On stage since a small child, Michael was always in the limelight. He had the glitz, the glamor and the fancy clothes. But as we all realize sooner or later, the glitz, the glamor and the lights fade all too soon and then we are we? When all is said and done, how much time have we devoted to shining up our souls and reaching out to help someone else in need?  Jesus commanded us to do this when he told Peter to “feed my sheep”. Who are the sheep that Jesus is talking about?

As evidenced by the crowds adulation in this video, we are all sheep. We each have gone astray and lose our way time and again. The things of this world displace our focus from the eternal to the temporary.

Is it any wonder that people are leaving churches in droves? When a church is all about glitz, glamor and lights but fails to feed the flock, is that true religion? I think not. Each of us has a need and a hunger. Each of us is searching and we are all sheep.

Every time I make a mistake or fail, I jokingly tell myself “You’re such a sheep – baaaah!”
to remind myself of my need for a Savior and for forgiveness. I feel the loving arms of my Lord gently pulling me back from the precipice and into his loving arms. He tells me it’s ok and that everything is going to be fine. Despite what it feels like to me, despite the fact that once again I have allowed the cares of this world to suck my energy, I believe his words when he says “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-burdened and I will give you rest.”

When was the last time you took a good look in the mirror? Despite what you see, remember to see yourself and others thru the eyes of Jesus – with love, compassion, and mercy. In this Lenten season if you want to lay down your cross and follow Jesus, his arms are open wide. If you want to make a change, remember with God all things are possible.

Until next time, keep looking up and have the courage to make that change!

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