It’s 2 am and I am awake yet once again. A new pattern has developed over the past 6 weeks or so and I’ve gotten used to it – sort of. At first, I was frustrated by not being able to get my much needed 8 – 9 hours. It’s so much more of a struggle to be nice when I’m exhausted but God has his methods and who am I to complain? Since I’m not one for popping strong medication to make me sleep, I surrendered and listened for that still small voice. This morning’s message was quite different from the recent ones I’ve been receiving and I feel comfortable sharing it with you today as I’m sure many of you will relate.

Go do your nails.


I knew it was God speaking because He usually speaks to me in the form of a command such as “Go” or “Stop”.

Now that is an odd thing to hear.

I listened again and again the still small voice said Go do your nails.

Obedient and groggy, I pushed myself off the bed and made my way to my kitchen where my manicure tools where waiting from the night before. As many of you ladies know, there is a process to doing your nails.

First, you smooth out all the ridges and rough spots.
Then, you buff the nails.
Next, you shine them up with one of those handy rectangular things.
Then you apply the polish.
Lastly, you apply the top coat.

Yes, gentlemen, this is what we ladies have to go thru to have those nice shiny nails many of you adore. I can honestly tell you I have been judged by the condition of my nails. Really!

The same process we use on our nails, is the same process God uses on us.

First, He smooths out all the rough edges and removes the spots.
Then, He allows life and circumstances to buffet us.
When the buffing process is complete, He shines us up so we are ready to be polished.
Next, He applies the polish – this is the exact color He has for each one of our lives.
Finally He applies the top coat – His protection over us.

Are you having trouble sleeping these days? Could God be speaking to you? Are you willing to listen and obey or do you drown out that still small voice by taking a pill or a sleeping aid?

Whatever your situation, rest assured God is in control. He is still on the throne and His plans will not be thwarted. God has a plan and a purpose for each of us and that plan sometimes takes time to be made real. So don’t fight your sleepless nights. Listen to that still small voice. You can be sure all will be made clear in time. Remember, we walk by faith and not by sight. Until next time, keep the faith and always always, keep looking up!

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