Mom’s Not So Stupid After All

Well, I’ll be. This week my son, Jon, asked me to speak to his college class. He is majoring in business and his group needed a speaker.

“We need a successful business person and I thought of you. You’ve accomplished a lot and been through a lot.”

“What do you want me to talk about?” I asked almost dumb-founded.

“You could talk about strength, and beginning with the end in mind” Jon said quoting a chapter from the book he’s reading by Steven Covey.

Wow! How did we get from “You don’t know anything, Mom” to “Will you speak to my class, Mom?” Amazing.

So I agreed. In fact, I felt honored that Jon would ask me to speak to these young people who will be the business leaders of tomorrow.

It just goes to show you, parents, that our kids are watching us. They are watching the decisions we make, how we stand up under pressure, and how we handle the tough times. We can preach to them all we want, but in the end, actions speak louder than words. We are the best role model our kids can have.

All these years I’ve worried about my sons. If we are following the Lord, then we can trust that our kids will see that as well. So have faith, parents, you may be doing a better job than you think you are!