Easter has come and gone. Do you feel any different? I don’t know about you, but I sure do. I have spent much of the Lenten season fasting and praying for God to transform me and boy oh boy has He been faithful. Well, let me be clear,He is in the process of transforming me.

I asked Him to reveal things in me that need to be changed and He sure let me have it. Funny, most of them are coming from my youngest son. I guess God is using him because he is closest to me and knows me better than probably anyone else on this earth.

Interesting how we parents spend so many years teaching our kids and then, boom, one day the tables are turned and they are teaching us. The question is are we ready to listen to them?

Transformation is a process. If we allow it, and sometimes, whether or not we realize it, we all are in the process of being refined by the great Potter. He is removing the dross and making us so like Him, that He can see His reflection in us. Isn’t that a beautiful analogy?

Today, dear one, will you allow yourself to be transformed? What impurities are there in your character that need to go so that you can be more like Christ? Ask for them to be revealed and they will be; I can assure you! But fret not, being transformed is like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly and then is set free from his cocoon. Do you want to be set free?